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Chapel Springs Baptist Church, Beckville, Texas

    In 1897, Moral Chapel Baptist Church was organized with Rev. Tom Jones as pastor and deacons Hines Pollard, Tom Moore, Deacon Fisher, and Sal Black.  The church was located about one-half mile of the now Beckville town site below where the high school is now located.

    In 1914, another small church south of Beckville merged with Moral Chapel.  The name of this small church was Maple Springs with Rev. Alex Salter as pastor.  They then moved to a new site on what was called the NcNeice Place, about three miles south of town.  Then the name of the church was changed to Chapel Springs, which including a part of the former names of each church.  With the addition of Maple Springs came new deacons, C.C. Gladney, Caleb Gates, Fed Thomas, Ed Wilson, and Shep Thompson.  They also elected a new pastor for this new church, Rev. F.S. Simpson.  They had a deacon board of nine.  The sizeable membership grew constantly with the town ship.

    Rev. Simpson remained as pastor of Chapel Springs until 1934.  Rev. B.S. Solomon was elected in 1934 and pastored for four years.  Then Rev. Simpson returned for nine more years making his entire stay twenty years.  Under his administration, the church was moved in 1939 to Jones Flat.  Deacons at this time were Bros. C.C. Gladney, George Williams, Oliver Bradley, John H. Hunt, Berlin Ragster, and W.R. Gladney.

    In 1947, Rev. Simpson left and in 1948 Rev. O.C. Carter was elected and pastored for three years remaining until 1951.  Then Rev. T.J. Alexander was elected pastor.  During this time the membership had risen to 321 members.  From 1951 until 1954 Rev. Alexander Served.

    In 1954, Rev. Dee Berry was elected and during his administration the church was moved and a new building erected, which is the structure that now stands. Rev. Berry stayed four years until 1958.  Rev. T.J. Ingram was elected in 1958 and remained pastor of this church until 1968.  Then Rev. Forest Davis came and served until 1970.  His father, Rev, succeeded him in 1970. George David, who pastored until he was called to the Shady Grove Missionary Church in Carthage, Texas.  Deacons were W.R. Gladney, Oscar McWilliams, and J.D. Whitaker.

    After Rev. Davis’ tenure, Rev. Earl Roberts pastored for a number of years.  Rev. C.D. Daniels then came to Chapel Springs as a pastor and lent his inspiration, wisdom, and knowledge to the church and community.  After Rev. Daniels left, Rev. Jerry C. Williams pastored until he was called to Mt. Hebron Baptist Church in Henderson, Texas.  Rev. Lynn Ward then pastored for a short time and Rev. Paul Craig also pastored for a short time.

    In the year 2000, the Chapel Springs church body called Rev. Lonnie L. Williams as pastor with Deacons V.T. Adams, Bobby Goree, and Raymond Snowden as deacons.  The church started a growth process by adding several new members and began a vigorous building renovation under the leadership of Rev. Williams. In 2004, Reverend Mondell Beck, Sr. became Pastor.

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