General Overview
  • NO SMOKING or VAPING inside Civic Center.
  • Civic Center or the City of Carthage is not responsible for theft or loss articles.
  • Thermostats are NOT adjustable, “Automatic Temperature Control System”.
  • No decorations may be hung from ceiling by an individual (ask for details), no tape, nails or staples can be used on any
  • walls or floor. (this includes writing on wall or mirrors).
  • Decorations owned by the Civic Center MAY NOT be used without permission from Civic Center Management. Items used must be put back in the original spot.
  • NO COOKING (Open Flame) inside facility. (Hotdog Machine, Popcorn, Nachos, Etc., Accepted). Grills and pits may be used outside providing they are out from under awnings.
  • No animals allowed in facility except those required by the physical disabled.
  • Security deposit will be returned after inspection of building, items used and verification has been made that no items need to be repaired or replaced and clean-up responsibility of lessee has been done.
  • There is a first aide cabinet in the first aide area closet. Depending on the situation you MAY be charged a restocking fee for items used.
  • NO CLIMBING on bleachers
  • STAGE LIGHTING is available for a ONE TIME FEE/PER EVENT of $150.00 plus an operator fee (Ask for details).
  • Rental on Public Announcement system will be ONE TIME FEE/PER EVENT of $25.00. (PA system is a small system mainly used for small events like school programs, fundraisers, etc.).

Fire Code Regulations
  • Candles/Open Flames devices allowed provided precautions are taken to prevent ignition.
  • Candles on tables must be securely supported and flames must be protected.
  • No welding or cutting equipment allowed.
  • No gas-fired heater or cooking devices.
Alcohol Overview
  • Alcohol is permitted in the facility. A minimum of one (1) off duty, uniformed, Police Officer will be required for EVERY two hundred (200) persons anticipated for any open dance or party where alcohol is served.
  • The Chief of Police or his designee shall be responsible for getting the uniformed officer. Fees for off-duty officer will be $40.00 per hour per officer and paid for by lessee. See contract for more details.
  • Lessee agrees NOT TO violate any rules of the TEXAS ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGE COMMISSION.
  • LESSEES’ RESPONSIBILITIES (Fees for not complying).
  • Event sponsor to open the gates into parking area and to close the gates at the end of the event.
  • All trash to be emptied by the event sponsor into the supplied dumpster. (Stage side outside)
  • Trash outside building and in parking lot from party to put in supplied dumpster (Right side looking at building)
  • Any spills during the event need to be cleaned up by event sponsors. (This is to prevent an accident)
  • Place all janitorial supplies (broom, dust pan, mop) back in the appropriate janitorial closet.
  • Any Civic Center item used must be placed back in its original spot. (Flags, Benches, Trees, etc.)
  • Event sponsor is responsible for all phones in the facility.
  • Event sponsor is responsible for making sure no water is running in facility. (restrooms and kitchen) (NOTE: If water is running and will not turn off please call Police Department 903.693.3866 for assistance. By calling PD this takes the responsibility off lessee and puts it back on the city. PD will show you called for help.)
  • Event sponsor to make sure lights are turned off in the facility. (restrooms are automatic timers)
  • Event sponsor to make sure all exterior doors are closed tightly and locked at end of event. (Exterior doors are located behind stage area by janitorial closet, restroom area between double doors by roll-up door and both sets of entry doors at front on both sides of building. Doors may be locked but need to be checked to make sure they have closed all the way shut tight).

This page is an overview or highlight of SOME RULES for the center. It is the lessees’ responsibility to read and
understand the full set of rules before signing any contract.
READING and UNDERSTANDING the rules compared to not reading could be the difference on having your deposit returned.
All calls to the Police Department are recorded and on file.