2 Year Term

Kraig Cain June 2024
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City Inspectors  


There is hereby created a building and standards commission to be composed of five members, each of whom shall be a resident of the city. They shall hold office for a period of two years, or until their successors are appointed. As near as practical, they shall be qualified in one or more of the fields of fire prevention, building construction, sanitation, health and public safety. The city manager, fire marshal, inspectors and department heads shall be ex officio nonvoting members of said building and standards commissionand shall inspect all buildings or structures reported to be or believed to be substandard, and present a report of such inspection to the buildings and standards commission, which commission shall, except in cases of emergency as hereinafter set forth, notify the proper parties of the intention of such commission to hold its hearing and follow the procedure hereinafter provided. Three consecutive unexcused absences of any member from a regular meeting of the board shall be cause for that member to be removed from that office by the city commissionand a new member named to that board for the remainder of the unexpired term by the city commission.

(Code 1970, § 6-45; Ord. No. 1975-11, § 3, 8-25-1975)

Sec. 34-42. - Purpose.

(a) The purpose of this article is to protect the health, safety, morals and welfare of the citizens of the city by establishing minimum standards applicable to residential and nonresidential structures. Minimum standards are established with respect to utilities, facilities and other physical components essential to make structures safe, sanitary and fit for human use and habitation.

(b) This article is found to be remedial and essential to the public interest, and it is intended that this chapter be liberally construed to effect its purpose. All structures within the city on the effective date of this division, or constructed thereafter, must comply with the provisions of this division.

Sec. 34-45. - Powers and duties.

(a) The building and standards commission has the following powers and duties hereunder:

(1) To require the reduction in occupancy load of an over-crowded structure or vacation of a structure that is reasonably dangerous to the health, safety or welfare of the occupants.

(2) To require, as an alternative to demolition of a structure found to be an urban nuisance, the repair of the structure by the owner or by the city.

(3) To require, as an alternative to demolition of a structure found to be an urban nuisance.

(4) To require the removal of personalty from a structure ordered vacated or demolished. Costs of removal and storage are the responsibility of the owner of the personalty.

(5) To require that a vacant structure or vacant portion of a structure constituting a dangerous condition or nuisance be securely closed and made safe.

(6) To require or cause the correction of a dangerous condition on the land. Correction of a dangerous condition may be accomplished by city forces or private contractor. Costs of correction are the responsibility of the owner.

(7) To grant a variance when a literal interpretation of this chapter would result in the imposition of an unnecessary or unreasonable hardship.

(b) Meetings of the commission will be held at the call of the chairman, or in his absence the vice-chairman, or an acting chairman designated by the chairman, or as the commission may determine.

(c) At each hearing of a hearing panel, an owner, lessor, occupant or lienholder may present witnesses in his own behalf and is entitled to cross examine any witness appearing against him